Contestant Agreement

A copy of this document must be signed prior to competition

I agree to absolve and hold harmless Maryland Grooming Competition employees, contest, judges, sponsors, show staff personnel, and the hosting World of Pets Expo and their employees, for any legal claim for loss or injury, which may be alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly to any person or thing thereto.  I personally assume all responsibility and liability including, but not limited to, damages and costs, such as attorney’s fees, for any such claim.  I further agree not to hold the aforementioned parties legally responsible for any claim of loss or damage, including, but not limited to, my dog(s), my property, or myself by disappearance, theft, death, damage, or injury caused by negligence of any parties, or due to the negligence of any person, or any other cause or causes.  I also understand that I acknowledge and accept sole and full financial responsibility and hold harmless Maryland Grooming Competition, for any damage done to the show site property or any other damages or negligence of any kind.  I agree to adhere to all Maryland Grooming Competition contest rules and the GroomTeam USA, Inc.® Code of Conduct.  I will accept the decision of judges and Show Management as final and binding.  I also understand that there will be no refund of fees due to dismissal, disqualification, class changes, or eviction from show sit.  The Show Promoter reserves the right to use photographs, slides, audio, videos, and digital images of contestants for show coverage and future advertising and promotion of the Show Promoter’s events in books, magazines, and web sites.