Contestant Agreement

Contestant Agreement A copy of this document must be signed prior to competition I agree to absolve and hold harmless Maryland Grooming Competition employees, contest, judges, sponsors, show staff personnel, and the hosting World of Pets Expo and...

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GroomTeam Conflict of Interest Policy

GROOMTEAM USA, INC.® CONFLICT OF INTEREST POLICY This policy helps to establish the highest standards in the pet styling profession as stated in the GroomTeam USA INC, ® Code of Conduct and guidelines for point acceptance.GroomTeam USA Board Members,...

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GroomTeam Code of Conduct

GROOMTEAM USA, INC.® CODE OF CONDUCT The GroomTeam USA, Inc.®, code of conduct establishes expectations for professional behavior and actions of all GroomTeam USA, Inc.®, point holders. Adhering to these policies protects the reputation and perception...

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